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“Law and Life” is the first periodical scientific-practical magazine, published in the Republic of Moldova since 1991 in the field of legal sciences, which was founded by the late Leonte ARSENE.

Under the circumstances of the beginning of a reorganization process, starting from 2022, the State Enterprise Periodical Publication “Law and Life” Magazine was reorganized by merging with the Public Higher Education Institution Academy “Ştefan cel Mare” of the MIA of the Republic of Moldova.

By Decision of the Leadership Board of NAQAER no. 17 of February 24, 2023, the scientific-practical journal “Law and Life” was included in the list of scientific publications of type C in the Legal Sciences profile with the recognition of all issues published in 2022.

The magazine is intended for the publication of the most valuable scientific research (articles, studies, annotated and commented judicial practice) developed in the field of legal sciences, especially in the field of legal and criminal sciences, by researchers and practitioners from the country and abroad. The aim is also to disseminate the scientific results obtained by young researchers, especially those obtained by master’s and doctoral students. At the same time, in order to inform readers about new scientific works published in the field of law, the Editorial Board provides editorial recommendations, including through the publication of reviews. In order to focus and outline some favorite study subjects for researchers, a special place have interviews with various experienced specialists in the field.

Through the magazine’s editorial policy, the aim is to debate some of the most current themes and topics for academic and research environments, for teachers and students, but also for practitioners involved in the application of law.

The main goal of the journal is to contribute to quality research in the field of legal sciences. The main objectives of the magazine are listed below:

  • realization of national and institutional scientific research strategies;
  • presentation of the latest scientific research of the scientific-didactic staff working at the Academy “Ştefan cel Mare” or at other research institutions;
  • raising the quality of scientific research through the implementation of quality standards and scientific ethics;
  • skills development and professional knowledge promotion;
  • democratization of access to published scientific research;
  • ensuring a perpetual development of knowledge and the dissemination of new scientific results obtained in various branches of law;
  • achieving the exchange of ideas, experiences between researchers from the Republic and abroad;
  • substantiation of new benchmarks and concepts in the activity of maintaining public order and security, preventing and fighting crime by the MIA;
  • promoting open science in the field of legal sciences, etc.

In order to ensure compliance with deontology, prevention of scientific forgery and plagiarism, the authenticity of the texts that are going to be published in the scientific magazine “Law and Life” will be checked by the plagiarism detection program Plagiarism Detector. There will not be published, and those published will be withdrawn if the articles contain elements of plagiarism or suspected plagiarism, scientific fraud or falsified data and results, as defined by the Code of Ethics and Professional Deontology of Scientific and Scientific-Teaching Staff approved by the decision of the CC of NAQAER from 18.12.2018.

The following categories of similarities do not constitute plagiarism:

  • use of some notions of general culture or some phrases or definitions considered to be basic notions from the respective specialty;
  • content of the author’s own works;
  • texts from normative acts, as well as their names;
  • texts, expressions and phrases of other authors quoted in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Professional Deontology of Scientific and Scientific-Teaching Staff;
  • texts, expressions and phrases of other authors quoted from the primary source but taken over by other authors in subsequent works;
  • names of books, scientific articles, studies or other works referred to by the author;
  • names of institutions, organizations, projects, reports used in the thesis, etc.

The “Law and Life” magazine  is printed at the printing house of the Polygraphic Editorial Department of the Academy “Ştefan cel Mare”, which has the logistical capacity to edit textbooks, university courses, monographs, studies and other scientific works developed by the institution’s employees. All volumes (issues) of the magazine are available on the web page of the Academy “Ştefan cel Mare” ( Depending on the number of subscribers, authors and the number of published articles, the magazine is printed in a volume of about 50-100 copies. One copy of the magazine is distributed to the authors free of charge. The magazine is published in PDF format on the web page mentioned above, and all interested parties have the opportunity to access it free of charge.

The Editorial Board is continuously concerned with raising the quality level of the magazine. Currently, a special emphasis is placed on the internationalization of the magazine, this desideratum being achieved through the publication of articles in languages of international circulation and through the active participation of foreign authors. It is noteworthy the tendency of foreign authors (from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, etc.) to publish articles in “Law and Life” Magazine.

The magazine appears twelve times a year, in six editions. Depending on the participative role of the authors, the Editorial Board is inclined to increase the number of articles published in the journal.

The editors recommend to authors that the size of the materials submitted for publication should not exceed, as a rule, 20,000-40,000 characters (without spaces).

The publication is distributed free of charge to interested libraries and educational institutions in the country and abroad with which the Academy “Ştefan cel Mare” has collaboration agreements. The magazine is also distributed to the subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure the continuous professional training of police employees.

The full name of the publication is Law and Life Science-Practice Magazine, ISSN 2587-4365; E-ISSN 2587-4373.

The copyright on the publication belongs to the Academy “Ştefan cel Mare”. The author owns the copyright for each article. The responsibility for the content of the articles rests with the authors; respectively they bear full responsibility for plagiarism. This fact is specified right on the back of the magazine’s title page.